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  • AndyW - Fast when it works. Disappointing that it doesn't work reliably. Customer service is horrible.

    After using this router for several weeks, I have to say that, for the money, it is a bit disappointing. Not in performance, but reliability. It is plenty fast. I am running a 2.4Ghz B net with my kids computers, a 5Ghz n/g net with our Roku boxes and laptops, and a 5Ghz AC band strictly from my desktop using an ASUS USB-AC56 Wi-Fi adapter. When it is running, it works AWESOME. I can stream two 10Mbps movies from the Plex server simultaneously to the bedroom and licing room and all three kids can still play online games without complaint. This is clearly better than my previous setup which could only support one 4Mbps stream. The problem is that something happens where the router "forgets" the Plex server. Rebooting the Roku's won't make it visible, neither will resetting the AC connection that has the Plex server. If I reboot the router, it reboots, but refuses to reconnect to the WAN (which connects to my Centurylink router-which has wireless disabled) unless i reboot the Centurylink and then the Asus. Frustrating that I paid a premium price for the Asus components yet they have to basically be rebooted everyday to work. I have the latest firmware and will revise this review if I can figure out what the issue is. I am mounting it vertically on the wall and it gets warm but not hot...anyone else having issues with heat with these? I will give it props for the GUI...much better than my previous Linksys but if this reliability issue continues I may have to move over to the Linksys EA9200.

  • Lisa - Great light in my enerance way!

    Our Front walkway is always so dark and dreary looking as we forget to turn on the outside lights before we leave home. Well that has all changed now that I ordered Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights. There are 6 solar lights in the box. You have to place the stainless post into the lamps before you can place them in your yard. The unit has a rechargeable battery in it that is charged by the sun and the box states that they do not need to be replaced. I love that all you do is assemble and place, as there are no wires or cords to deal with. This way I also do not have to worry about cutting the cords when doing yard work. The 6 lights together give off as much light as my one at the front door and 3 over the garage. No more fumbling to get in the house in the dark or not know what we are tripping over. I am very pleased with the quality and workmanship of the Solar Garden light. Not only do they light up my house but also they offer me security. I would recommend the Garden Solar Lights.

  • Digital Clay - Tax To The Max!

    I have been using this software for about a decade and a couple years ago I had a complicated year that required I see a CPA to have my taxes done. The CPA asked what I had done years prior and when I said H&R Block, she said "Good Choice". She said many accountants who run low value return help actually use this program and don't clients. Makes sense, no different that people that clean carpets using the grocery store rental machines.