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  • lvn1312 - work great

    Conversion from the old version was smooth. No problem using it. New layouts takes a little time to get used to, but was intuitive! I bought the payroll combo because of the price, comparing to the renewal cost of the payroll itself.

  • A. Blackard - Great "Authentic" Taco Seasoning

    I've been to Frontera Grill in Chicago a number of times and consider it one of the best restaurants in the country, and have also had a lot of luck with Rick Bayless' recipes at home. I jumped at the chance to try this taco seasoning because I regularly make tacos at home using off-the-shelf seasonings at the grocery store (which I actually like pretty well).

  • Chico Reader - Works as advertised . . . for a few minutes.

    Before NeverWet came on the market I bought a similar product called Ultra Ever Dry. The base coat dried to a thick gummy texture that made a relatively durable base for the silica to bond with. The Toluene in the top coat briefly melts the base coat which allows the hydrophobic silica fume to stick to the base. Ultra Ever Dry lasts many times longer than the Rust-oleum NeverWet product, however it also costs over $200.00. and leaves a gummy, sticky surface.

  • Matthew Clark - always classic

    I got hooked on this series in college (thanks Professor Callahan). A very great anthology for the years best shorts

  • S J Windspirit - The company insists if you follow the directions exactly this ...

    The company insists if you follow the directions exactly this product will work. Well, I've tried it twice and have noticed sections of my black moldy shingles inching its way back to its original tan/brown/yellow colors. However, most of my roof hasn't changed. I either have very resistant mold or it isn't all they claim. It's not that difficult to measure a 5 to 1 ratio of the product,afterall.

  • T. Butler - Just awful

    I really struggled to get through this movie. I was hoping it might be good. I maybe laughed at one joke, the others just fell flat. Some of the terms used in the movie like lay lines were referenced. This was somewhat interesting, but other terms were just idiotic and insulting to the audiences intelligence. Some of the CGI ghosts are cool looking. I think a franchise like this should be done really well, considering the originals are considered classics. I hope it gets a remake and then this one gets forgotten.