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  • Joshua G. - Best Currently Available, but Much Better Cables on the Horizon

    I have mixed feelings about these cables. Yes, they have unprecedented clarity and range, but they are silver, which is chock full of small hadrons. If, like me, you are an audiophile particle physicist, you'll know that small hadrons degrade the transmission of audio signals by decohering individual notes, particularly quarter tones that have been reflected off of acoustic surfaces. Additionally, the quality of silences is tranquil, but not peaceful; Philip Glass's note-free "4'33" fails to achieve the the subtlety of a live performance.

  • Cecille Chan - Anything That Gets Me Out of the Grip of Big Pharma Gets a Five Star Rating from Me

    I have been using CALM for years now and I have been off all my prescription medications. My BP is normal, the cramps that plagued me all my life is gone and I am off the grip of Big Pharma which is by far the most gratifying part of my story. I suggest that people taking CALM listen to or read the explanation of the Naturopath, Dr. Carolyn Dean about the importance of magnesium in our body and its interaction with vitamins D and K, and the mineral calcium. My husband and I have no faith in the mainstream healthcare industry. It is riddled with lies and manipulation with the sole purpose of maximizing profit.....sadly. Look at what they did to Dr. Burzynski.

  • Rob Marte - Just like sweets

    sweet smelling Cologne , perfect packaging the bottle itself is an I grabber . the smell does wonder that it does justice, even a little go a long way I have this in my collection since early 2000 and will continue to buy the Cologne well recommended seller hope to do business with again soon.

  • Travis McCall - Go Crazy Folks, Go Crazy!

    Documentary on the Cardinals winning the World Series, narrated by Jon Hamm... SOLD! Great bonus features included on the Series.