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  • Carol HuhRaySa - I want to sing from the mountaintops! (for PCOS)

    My OBGYN actually recommended this product for me to treat mild PCOS. I am a 30 yr old female, currently not trying to conceive, but I also do not want to be on birth control. I had really long cycles around 36-39 days long, I would ovulate really late in the cycle around day 19 or 20. I have borderline high testosterone which was causing thinning hair, hair loss, acne, and facial hair. I am also taking other supplements, including biotin (hair loss) and saw palmetto (acne) to help with these other symptoms due to high testosterone. But I was AMAZED at what only 2 months of myo-inositol has done. I wouldn't have even known about it, if it weren't for my OBGYN's suggestion. After 2 months, I had a normal cycle. - 28 days long, ovulating on day 15. I couldn't believe it!!! I may switch over to Jarrow Formulas Inositol Powder to help cut down on the cost and see if I have the same effect. If you deal with PCOS and you want to regulate your cycles without using birth control consider trying out Pregnitude.

  • Debby - I Can Now Sleep Soundly

    Like millions of others, huge ships have been a devastating problem throughout most of my life. The earliest I can remember the problem starting was when I was only three years old. A huge ship came crashing through our house, and to make matters worse, it was the middle of winter. We had to tough out many cold nights, as the hole left by the ship had wrecked nearly half the house and reconstruction was slow. All of us caught pneumonia that winter and nearly died, which goes to show just how dangerous huge ships can be. Thankfully, however, my parents had huge ship insurance, so most of the costs of repairing our house were covered. Had we not had that, we likely would have faced massive debt or possibly even lost our home altogether, which is why it used to scare me very badly that insurance companies no longer offer huge ship insurance.

  • John from Ct - Best on the market

    This stuff is fantastic, I have had major scars and it REALLY does the job and it goes a long way. I have used scar cream at $100 a tube and this works BETTER at a 10th the cost

  • davidcbarnard - Read the Instructions. Read the Instructions, Read the instructions.

    This stuff works great. Although some of the reviews are quite humorous, I am writing this to give you a few tips to make it go smoothy.

  • scott - been good to me.

    I have had good luck with mine with the only complaint being the battery didn't last 2 years and it would have been nice to get a notice when the battery was low. The phone finding works just as well as the key finder. It saved my skin once when it fell down into the back of an electric guitar amp where I would have never found it, but the batteries were dead the last time I needed it and it took 3 days to find. I just ordered a few more for other keys and a set of headphones I am always misplacing and I am waiting for the atlas system to come out now that will tell you which room you left it in as well. I think they had some bug in it at first and because of that it took longer to roll out then expected and caused some head aches but with my droid turbo its been nice to have.

  • Cori K - Thick just thick

    Yes you will gain weight however your butt will grow exponentially. I am 5"6 ,my old measurements where B 34 W 27 H 38 at a weight of 150LBS but now they're B 35 ,W 31 ,H 46 163 LBS I tone a lot so I don't get chunky because I did gain a bit of poundage but that's from my eating more than anything . Everybody is different so yours may not effect you the same way it did for me but give it a try anyway I was always a bit thick I just wanted a bit more and I got . Hope it helps..