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  • Wayne - Callaway Golf Bag

    I am totally happy with my new Callaway Cart bag. It was delivered slightly ahead of schedule and arrived in excellent condition. It has plenty of storage and a nice side cooler for beverages.

  • Golden Hoops - Fume free pest solution

    I live in an so-so apartment. Every now and again, I'll see a roach. After using bombs and every kind of spray out there with little effectiveness, I ran across Combat. Within two to three days, they were all gone! That was two years ago and just yesterday, I saw one. I hope Combat still is top notch and does the job like it use to. I wonder how many people could be saved from cancer & God knows what other illnesses by using fume free Combat...?

  • cablejunkie - Great portable high chair

    Most of the reviews cover the pluses of this chair - removable cover for washing, built in travel bag, storage pocket and deep arms to use on tables with aprons. I especially love the color selection. The Mandarino color is a vibrant fun orange. The chair is fixed on our dining room table at home, but we've taken it out to restaurants and traveled with it to NYC. The chair folds flat enough to put in the bottom of a carry on suitcase or in the basket of a stroller. It's a big too big to carry in our diaper bag. We have the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe, which is a smaller diaper bag, but I suppose it's possible to carry it a larger diaper bag if you really want.

  • Emily - Researched Extensively, Great for the Price & Motion Isolation NOT Side-Sleepers

    Slept on this for 100 days. Kept it! I used to have a 11-year-old spring mattress and was tired of "falling" into the divot made by my boyfriend's weight. I did a TON of research to find the best mattresses that were: