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  • shakespeareduck - Please release an updated version!

    A thorough and accurate projection of the usage of wooden toilet seats in rural china. Unfortunately, this only covers yrs 2009 to 2014 (as described in listing). The completion of my research relies heavily on the numbers for 2015 and beyond.


    Once again authors Willow Winters & Lauren Landish hit it out of the park a second time around with Tempted. When the two of them collaborate together it’s a sure fire bet it will be a winner and this book delivered! You can’t help but fall in love with Elizabeth (Elle) & Liam and the story that brought them together.

  • bookworm - Short Story

    I didn't notice that t his was a short story and so was shocked when it ended..Well I guess I am,sadly, finished with the Tracy Crosswhite series.

  • Amazon Customer - My wife and I like the feel of this car seat and feel like ...

    My wife and I like the feel of this car seat and feel like it is a safe car seat. It seems comfortable enough for our daughter. A couple key things that I didn't like were that it's a little difficult to tighten the straps (especially when still using as rear facing). Also, it is super easy for our kid to pull off the shoulder pads on the straps. This leaves her with red scratches along her neck. I guess it's nice you can take them off and wash them, but our child immediately removes them after getting in.

  • Steph - Fake one

    I use Bare minerals for 3 years now, I really love it. I was thinking that was a really good deal on Amazon, but I can tell that is not the real bare minerals!

  • Meg in Madison - works for chipmunks too

    While in the process of buying our townhouse, we discovered during the home inspection that a chipmunk had found a gap at the top of the foundation and had made a nice little home under the enclosed stairs. The since-evicted chipmunk was, of course, not housebroken, so it left droppings and urine all over the bare concrete floor. (Yuck.) Concrete is porous, so the urine had soaked in. A bleach solution killed the germs but didn't touch the odor. So, I did a lot of Internet research and settled on Nature's Miracle for our first attempt at odor removal. We used one quart, in two applications (one right after the other). We followed the instructions, except that we left it on for somewhat longer than recommended. Poof! Odor gone! Plus, we really appreciated that Nature's Miracle has essentially no odor itself (and I'm really sensitive to such things).