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  • Cara - Great product. Promptly and properly shipped.

    This is a great product if you're looking for a foundation that eliminates the need for a concealer and corrects redness very well. I also like this line of cosmetics because they have anti-aging qualities. Wearing makeup is damaging to your skin so any help with anti aging elements is great.

  • Ofir Reuven - Surprisingly great!

    In all honesty I didn't read much about the book prior to reading and expecting an interesting point of view (that of a die hard Republican as I myself lean further towards the Democratic party) and an idea of the legitimization of Trump's actions I was surprised to find a short novel discussing a topic that today I'm embarrassed saying I wasn't aware of. I truly enjoyed Jon Ronson's writing style and the alternative perspective about Trump's campaign.

  • Amazon Customer - Bugs just love 'em

    They work as advertised! I live in the woods in NE Florida and these on the Skeetervac are the ticket to being able to use my back yard, which is surrounded by woods. Horse flies, yellow flies, gnats, and mosquitoes cover it within two weeks. I change them every two weeks and the scent block every two months. Can't live without it in Florida.

  • Lisa LaShé - Tastes so good

    I'm not sure if this product will work for weight loss but it tastes so good that I purchased for my daily morning smoothie. As long as I do not gain weight, I'll continue to give this product 5 stars!!! Who knew a weight loss shake could taste so decadent??

  • suzieq - A waste on my money. It doesn't even charge.

    $40 own the drain. First this didn't have instructions. I downloaded them off the Internet. Now it won't even charge. The indicator light doesn't even come on to show it is charging.

  • Mel B - Isnt a snug fit

    Bought a cheap knock brand. . .didn't fit. Bought the RTIC brand (have an RTIC tumbler) and fit just as poorly. The top is snug but the bottom has a noticeable gap. I guess it works but the bottom does not feel as stable as I would think it would of the bottom ring was tight

  • Raina - A heart jerking story of love and loss

    A heart jerking story of love and loss. The big bad wolf might seem bad to others but for little red riding hood he is the man she loves. Through loss of loved ones and a murderer who once killed evil, but now is attacking the innocent, a couple find the love that though they had missed out on.