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  • A. S. Romain - Relieves PMDD

    This tea is great. I like the taste. It helps with constipation too. But what I really found helpful about this tea is calming my PMDD. My PMS was getting really out of hand. I was getting to the point where I could hardly function during my pre menstural. When I drink this tea regularly it's incredible the difference I see. Really helps me with my irritability and bloating. This tea has become a necessity for me.

  • M. Turney - Highly Recommended! (5 STARS)

    Kaspersky is awesome. In my opinion the best anti-virus out there. I have been using them for years now. Have tried others, but came right back. Also have tried Kaspersky Internet Security and came back to just the Anti-virus. Works well and does not slow your PC down. Highly recommended.

  • โœจ โ˜  ๐Ÿ’œ ๐Ÿฆ„ ๐ŸŒ™ ๐Ÿ”ฎ ๐Ÿ•ธ Erin Layne - My new favorite floaty.

    Uuuuniiicoooorn!!! My new favorite floaty. ;} There are similar floats everywhere these days, but not quite like this one; this is a unicorn of a different color! I am in love with the alternating pink and purple stripes, the bright green horn, and especially the lilac muzzle. It really adds to the personality of this mythical inflatable and, indeed, creates a likeness to the actual Unicorn emoji that has gained popularity over the course of 2016.

  • penlight - still going strong after 10+ years

    I used this in med school 10+ years ago now. It was a lot skinnier then. my scribe just got into med school so I bought this for her as a gift. looks more sophisticated than back then. still excellent layout where you can add notes in the margins, lots of spacing. review of books in the back. awesome schematics and pictures.

  • mac12345 - Rubbish

    I have very little good to say. It does not and will never treat "hairloss" so save your money. Its ridiculously expensive for what it is and very cheaply made too. If anything, I had to have my hair cut more because it grew faster.....but NO EXTRA HAIR!!!!! Dont be conned.

  • Santeria - Creator par excellence

    Roxio has been the Classique audio as well as video, editor that excels at its tasks in so many respects. Since version 4 even the basic editing features have been the bรชte

  • cielsaphir - Top 10 under $1000

    I bought this bike as a surprise for my fiance, who bikes everyday but refuses to spend the money on a fancy bike. He was not immediately sold on the bike but was touched by the gesture so decided to keep it. He ended up falling in love with it. The difference between his old 26'er and this 29'er are night and day. He rides in New Mexico and it is just perfect for the terrain. He actually even loves the factory seat that came with it. His only major complaint was the heavier wheel set, which he ended up banging up pretty bad and replacing with a lighter tubeless set. Great little bike for the price. If you're not into your bike brands, this one is worth every penny.