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  • jamb - Naturopathic favorite!!

    As a naturopath, I give this tea to several clients. It has all the herbs I would use to cleanse the liver & kidneys, but is so much easier. Love it!!

  • Victoria Gray - not very happy with product

    Clumpy, seems old, not very happy with product. The reviews I read were much different than what I experienced with this mascara.

  • Matt - Got it as a joke ... but use it all the time.

    OK so I'm not the hairy dude that would maybe be the ideal user of this product. That's my disclaimer. I'm not going to claim that this shaver turned me from a wookie to a regular dude. That said, hair does grow on my back and every so often I want to get rid of said hair. I made a comment to my brother that I should invent a shaver on a stick to shave my back hair and he gave me one of these for my birthday almost as a joke.