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  • Olaf - Full of bugs

    This is an insult to the intelligence of the independent business community. I have been using Quickbook for Macs for my businesses for years. The last was 2007, but I was forced to upgrade as it did not work on Snow Leopard. Now I am screaming at the software developers for screwing up things that worked before that now do not.

  • Duane R. Isham - Good Tax Software

    I've been using H&R Block tax software for years and it is easy to use and I have never encountered any errors. I submitted this years taxes using it and received my refund in less than two weeks. It has all the forms and provides detailed backup date to record what you submitted and how it was calculated.

  • Amazon13 - Some People get Angry When they do not see Immediate Results, Not A Problem Here!

    The best of all I have tried, and I tried many. At first I used it the way the instructions said to use it, after a week and I was seeing really rapid results I cut back on the amount I was using and started to put it on after I used my night moisturizer. That worked much better because Using it as the instructions directed me to do, I was seeing too much peeling the next morning and my skin was drying out. Since my trade is in the beauty line, I knew just what to do... and I did it. Some people get angry when they do not see immediate results. That is sometimes a bad thing because that means that your skin is breaking down to rapidly and that can cause damage to your skin! It worked in the amount of time it suggested when I tweaked the way that I felt was best for my skin.

  • Stann - A great set for avid sports fans

    This 65-inch is the largest set I've ever owned so you can imagine my excitement when delivery day came and I had it all unwrapped and plugged in with the cables I also found on here:

  • Brent Wolczynski - Absolutely the best mattress I've ever owned

    Absolutely the best mattress I've ever owned, and my Beauty Rest cost much more. I also consistently get comments on how comfortable it is from other people who've slept on it.

  • Jabari O Pulliam - Great Product

    I have been using this product for about two months now. I recently started playing basketball once a week after not playing for 9 years. Before I began taking Move Free, I would feel like a train hit me the day after I played. I could barely walk. All of my joints were very sore and stiff. My back felt horrible. After only a month of using this stuff, there was a huge improvement. Nothing hurt anymore. The day after playing basketball, all of my joints felt fine, with no stiffness or discomfort. It's amazing. Of course side effects vary from person to person. I have not experienced any at all and I would greatly recommend this for people who suffer from arthritis.