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  • Kindle Customer - Very Happy

    Quick shipping, well packaged and installed in less than 5 minutes on to my 2012 Chevy Equinox. Thank you.

  • Gary B. - First the good: This product is strong and sturdy

    First the good: This product is strong and sturdy, and keeps things cold overnight. Good handles, the hatch is a nice feature. The bad: It leaks terribly. The worse: It started leaking just after the 30 day return window. No abuse or punctures, it leaks around the inner seams. So if you're okay with paying $50 to have ice water running down your leg as you carry it, buy it. I had a soft Coleman for years that never leaked. Back to them next time. Meanwhile I'll see if I can seal this one.

  • johnnie martin - Very happy so far

    i did not buy this through amazon, bought it directly from taxact download site. It works great so far. I am about 1/3 through my filing this year, still have to do a few k-1's and i will be done. I was able to import data from my 2013 turbotax pdf file with no problem. Just us the import command at top of screen in the file menu. The import command that is in the center of the screen does not work for me. Taxact is every bit as good ad turbotax. Very similar product and about 1/3 the cost. I was a long term turbotax user, but i am done with those money grubbing jerks. Will be using taxact from now on. I would not go back if they gave me the program.

  • nancyb44 - Love these Crystal Ornaments !!!

    I started collecting them for my daughter when she got married for her own tree! I also started for my niece and her husband and recently started my own collection. Love how each year is different and show they sparkle.! Great collector item!

  • Office Lady - US Mapping

    I needed a street program to provide an optimized map of the stops that my route for the day showed. This map optimized the stops but it was impossible to map to them on individual pages. There was no way to get individual strip maps with directions to the stops as was available in earlier versions of Street Atlas. Therefore I spent $40 to get nothing. This product is totally useless to me. The write up of the product on the website was totally misleading as I was looking for a program that would provide yearly updates to the streets in the area since Streets and Trips by Microsoft has been discontinued.

  • M.Hamdeh - AMAZING product

    Ok so I tried EVERYTHING on the market and this is the best root lifter by far. Little goes a long way. I have waist length, layered, medium textured, European hair...if I don't use any product it's just too healthy and too flat. So to play things up a bit, I spray it at the root area and I just comb it through with my fingers. I don't want that stuff on the ends of my hair b/c it makes it puffy. Instead, I use biosilk or got 2b "smooth operator" lotion at the ends. Then I blow dry it until it's about 50-60% dry then I use a brush to brush it in the opposite direction and it reallllly makes a HUGE difference. Wha bam! It's ready to be styled or just leave it as is. Sally H. really makes amazing products, I'm a HUGE fan. Also check out my review for: