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  • Pieces Girl - Just do it (and this isn't the way)

    Please read the review by CB. Hands down the best advice anyone could give to anyone regarding losing weight. I have gained and lost up to 60 pounds off and on at least 3-5 times throughout my life (post-partum and otherwise) and he's so correct. It is a lifestyle change. It's about burning more calories than you eat and eating a balanced diet along with an active lifestyle. People who are looking for a quick fix like this are only going to be disappointed a year from now when they realize they have gained back every pound and then some. You can't live on powdered drinks for the rest of your life. The second you go back to eating "normal" you will gain every pound back. All of these weight loss companies are scams. You don't need to spend any money to lose weight other than on healthy food and maybe a gym membership.

  • L. Shannon - Love this hose!

    I have used so many name brand hoses and the Flexogen is by far the most hassle-free and least frustrating hose I've come across. It doesn't kink (this is my number one frustration!), survives wild temperature changes, lasts for years, and winds easily. This is the only hose I use now. I have 8 of them and highly recommend the Flexogen.

  • erf01 - excellent mattress--but be aware of the drawbacks of talalay latex

    This is an excellent mattress, the Vzone is really helpful for side sleepers. I was waking up with shoulder and hip pain on our old mattress and I now have no issues. However, there is one major drawback--motion isolation is poor to fair. It never occurred to me that talalay would have different motion isolation characteristics than dunlop latex, but it has a very pronounced side-to-side waterbed feel when one of us gets out of bed. It doesn't bother me that much since it's so comfortable tossing and turning is rare. Also, if you get the mattress very soft, I don't think you should sit on the edge of the bed to say, put on your socks--it compresses a lot and it doesn't seem like that would be good for the longevity. I'm still really pleased with my purchase but wanted to make people aware of the cons I didn't know about.