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  • R. Brown - Works better than the generic brands.

    I have trouble breathing at night. My options are surgery, or wearing one of these each night. I've been choosing Breathe Right over surgery. I could buy these at my local grocery and make use of those easy to find $2 coupons, but the Amazon price is still cheaper. This is one of the items I have on "Subscribe and Pay" with Amazon. My only complaint with Amazon is they frequently run out of stock. My only complaint with Breathe Right is the price. I've tried the cheap, generic alternatives but they don't work as well and fall off during the night. Guess I'll keep paying more and use the brand that works.

  • JonGP3 - Good Product works great...

    This product so far has done everything it described. I was first turned onto this product when it was advertised at a Honda Dealership when purchasing a car for my fiance. They had us spray paint a brand new car in the showroom and we went for a test drive, after we were asked to remove the spray paint with just a towel and some compound, it came off fairly easily. Being a skeptic I was sure that the paint they used was not real. They proceeded to give me the whole story about what it does and that it would be $30 per month added to the payment, but that included lifetime dent repair and reapplication of the product. Having already googled it on my phone during his speech I said no thank you and placed an order online for $80 shipped.

  • Timothy Wat - Works for me.

    The only thing that works for me. And I've tried almost every product out there over the last 40 years.

  • Safety First - Kill'em all!

    I never had cockroaches before so I was not sure how to get rid of them. I looked on the Home Depot page and found this stuff. I read a lot of good reviews here on Amazon, so I figured I would give it a try. I applied some around the fridge, stove and corners of my kitchen. As soon as I put it down, those little b*stards started going to town on it like someone rang a dinner bell. The first day I found two dead roaches, and the second day I found about ten. The third night I seen many more either dead or on their backs twitching. I am taking great enjoyment watching these nasty little bugs suffer. I still have a few babies running around, but I am sure they will meet their maker as.well. all in all, this is a great product!