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  • Saerufin - I think sorcery is involved.

    I am a natural redhead who has dyed my hair a LOT. Always blacks, dark browns or bright reds. I am getting married this summer and my husband-to-be's one request is that my hair be my natural color. I ordered 3 boxes of this stuff because I have waist length, thick hair. When I applied this, my hair was dark brown/black. We put 2 bottles on my hair. First time I only needed 2 boxes of anything. It is very liquidy, 4 hands are better than 2 if you can manage. It smells a bit like a perm, just not as strong. I waited the time stated, hurried to the mirror and was disappointed to see that my hair looked exactly like it did before. Feeling bummed, I hop in the shower to rinse it off. I am washing, washing, washing, there is no dye running off in the water or anything. I am thinking I must have done something wrong. I grabbed the bottom of my hair, squeezed the clear water out of it, then held it up to the light. What!?! It was red! Not out of a box-red. I mean the color I was born with. The color I hadn't seen in about a decade. Where did the dye go? I don't know. I swear though, coolest magic trick I have ever seen. I didn't need to redye my hair. You should get a good conditioner and don't do this before a big date. It took several days of hair washing to completely get rid of the smell. This stuff is amazing. Buy it.

  • DC Shopper - Best Insecticide on the Market

    This product is manufactured in Louisiana and formulated to kill the bugs from a swamp area. I lived there and have been using the product for over 15 years. I do not use anything other than Bengal. Worth the money.

  • MBlanke - This unit requires the salt pods to work. Here ...

    This unit requires the salt pods to work. Here is a copy from the manufactures web site. https://www.navage.ca/en/t/FAQ#three. It say's, and I copied and pasted this. "The Naväge Nose Cleaner only works when a new SaltPod capsule is used. When you practice saline nasal irrigation you need just the right mixture of salt and water to prevent stinging and burning. That’s why the Naväge Nose Cleaner is designed for mixing eight ounces (236ml) of water with one SaltPod capsule. Without a new SaltPod capsule, the power button can’t be pushed in and the motor won’t turn on."

  • Tommy - Wonderful !!!

    This stuff is great, I have arthritis in my knees and this Australian Dream really helps me get through the day better than I have in a long time...

  • A Cheap Guy in Phoenix. - Not very useful.

    I do more googling and searching Youtube videos to find solutions than opening this book. It's just not very useful. I did read through it prior to my first 2012 installation, but as another reviewer pointed out, it's like they just did a sloppy job of updating a 2008 R2 book. Can't really recommend it.

  • nice game and my kids love it - Nice features

    Very nice features for daily use and holidays. The last update was a plus by adding the call to prayer. For the morning alarm . Knowing the Muslims pray 5 times a day and Christians at least 3 makes the prayer alarms very convenient.

  • M. Tran - Five Stars

    Excellent book about the rise of Trump and the mindset techniques that will make both you and America great again! Highly recommended.