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  • Purl Cook - As wonderful as it sounds magic pills don't work

    As wonderful as it sounds magic pills don't work. Disappointing experience. More disappointing is the nonstop pushing to become a seller and recruit more magic bean seekers. Unless you enjoy wasting money, don't bother.

  • Mike_L - What will happen? We'll find out.

    I'm very anal about what I use on my cars. In the past I would only use Zaino Show Car polish on them. When I blew out my neck and back I started looking for products that required less work, since Zaino needs to be layered and is very labor intensive. This seems like it might be it. The dealer offered it to me when I bought my 2012 Yukon Denali. Its a large vehicle, so anything to make life easier is good. I have Simonizes version my 2011 CTS-V, and was very unhappy with it. The dealer explained that I wasn't alone, and that was why they switched from Simonize to Xzilon. Supposedly Xzilon is superior. I hope so. It cost me ~$100 more then the Simonize ($695 vs $599), so if its not better, I'm going to be one PO'd dude.

  • Lori Jeffery - Wish I would've bought one sooner....

    I had a neoprene cover to begin with, now I'm not saying I didn't like it, but this is far superior.

  • Roman - Boring

    I was excited to get the game. Ultimately though, it is really boring. I found I had to force myself to trudge on, even though I didn't want to. Eventually, I wasn't able to play anymore. There just isn't enough there to keep me interested. The story lines are not good. After the first few I just started clicking through them to get to the fighting. Even that though isn't great. There isn't enough strategy needed to fight. It is mostly just hack and slash. You can easily make it to level 20 without ever needing to use a healing potion. Overall, it is just boring.

  • Kiri Jackson - Fabulous products!

    I've been using the Atomy cleansing system and moisturising system for five months and I love it. My skin tends to go hyper sensitive 3-4 times a year depending on weather and other environmental conditions and I'm happy to report: no break outs! My skin looks and feels great and I'm very happy with these products. Previously I was using Jurlique, LamPrairie and Arbonne which are all great products too however the value for money with Atomy is unparalleled. Unfortunately the BB cream is totally the wrong shade for me so I forgo that and pass on to a lucky friend!

  • Mary S. - excellent product

    I was very pleased with the product and the delivery -- imilorganite was recommended to me from a friend as a fertilizer which also keeps the deer away and so far it has done that perfectly --

  • Sparky - Another Lego Game That's Better Then Most Games Out There!

    As with any Lego game, I found this one awesome. I do miss the voice acting, but what can you expect. The game is fund and the graphics are good. You want to find out how McCain became who is today (Wii U) then you need to get this game.