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  • Amazon Customer - Miracle product

    I love this stuff! I have tonsil stones occasionally and even though I brush and floss religiously, I worry about having bad breath. I have to speak to people all day long in my job, often up close. I don't have chronic bad breath, but I know I have had rank breath before and sometimes you can tell when your breath is bad, and other times you can't. This product gives you the complete confidence that your breath is fine, all day. I don't even have morning breath- it's so amazing. And it feels like you are gargling with water it's so mild. If you still have your tonsils, gargling clears out any stones that may be in there within a day or two. It's also all natural. I don't get dry mouth from this product, my mouth actually feels more hydrated than usual. I haven't noticed any change in taste. I am going to be using this product daily from now on!

  • noah thingortoo - It works! Follow the directions...

    I live in Florida and I have a lot of wood, brick, tile, etc etc. Every year I rent a noisy, heavy, expensive pressure washer and spend a day cleaning the house and patios. It's dirty, loud work, and I always manage to "wash" something important a little too vigorously. Needless to say, I keep a can of housepaint handy.