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  • MrsBookWorm - So glad I got this!

    My kids enjoy reading this over and over. The Bears are cute as they are trying to see who's right. I love that I can switch to any device (iOS) and there it is! This is a great beginning reader book too.


    I LOVE this Apalus straightening brush! I would have given anything back in the 70's for a brush like this! My hair is curly/frizzy. I have tried everything: Brazilian Blowout, regular straighteners, too much conditioner, etc. Nothing has worked until this brush. I keep it on the lowest setting and after using a heat protectant on my hair, take about 2" of hair at a time and put the brush UNDERNEATH the hair and slowly brush thru. After I do all of my hair from UNDERNEATH, I then go over the top wherever it's needed. I usually use a glove on one hand and "flick" the ends with the brush to turn them under. I ordered another Apalus brush for my daughter and granddaughter for Christmas because it works so well. I like the fact it turns itself off after 2 hours. The cord is long. I wouldn't waste my money on other brands because I know this one works! I have used it for about 5 months and I hope it lasts forever, if not, I will definitely buy another Apalus!

  • Ashley - Packaging better than Urban Decay

    I started out using Urban Decay's shadow primer, but got annoyed with how much product was left in the bottle when the wand came out dry. I switched to this, Too Faced, version and haven't looked back. The squeeze tube lets you get every last drop out and the performance is equal to Urban Decay's primer.