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  • gardenjean - Killed the mold by scrubbing

    With the black mold on my house, I first just sprayed it on and left it without rinsing. There were changes a few weeks later, with less noticeable black spots, but they did not totally disappear. A couple months later, I got out the brush I use for cleaning the house siding and scrubbed the Wet and Forget into all the walls and left it on without rinsing as instructed. And that did the trick. It took hold and got ride of all the mold. I also just sprayed it on my privacy cedar fence that has green mold, and it changed it immediately to white the next day and disappear completely in a couple of weeks. So if you have a stubborn mold mildew problem, scrub it in. Do a good cleaning and it will do the trick. Also, this will damage plants, so what I did was spray all the plants down with the water afterwards and that worked in saving them from damage. I will buy this again and treat the house in the spring to get ahead of the any ugly mold that may come my way.

  • swest - Got suckerd-Ashamed of myself

    I fell into the trap of good salesmenship at a kiosk in the mall over this gel. Bought this way more than it was worth, and I would return it if I could. The gel itself balls up, not any skin on your face. I'll be watching my credit card and make sure no more than what was charged is taken off of my card.

  • Klee318 - Love it!

    This is a great resource. It has everything you need to start looking up basic information on US medical schools, at a fraction of the cost of AAMC's new online MSAR. As a side note to future med applicants--this book, unfortunately, probably won't be as useful in 2015. Once the new MCAT is implemented, there's a good chance average MCAT scores will change. In the meantime, I couldn't be happier with this book or this seller!

  • Greg Rogers - I have been reading the BASS series since 2010 and usually enjoy about half of the pieces

    One of the most solid offerings in years. I have been reading the BASS series since 2010 and usually enjoy about half of the pieces. The editor said these stories would surprise readers and they almost all surely do! A good mix of styles and topics as well.

  • Courtney LeBlanc - An excellent, mesmerizing read

    Admittedly I tend to gravitate toward fiction and only like nonfiction when it's written like a novel - this book did not disappoint! Once I started reading it I literally couldn't put it down! From the moment Shackleton's ship is locked in ice, to them living on an ice floe, to them trekking across land and sea and they're eventual and dramatic attempt to sail away in search of a rescue party.

  • Thomas - Great wrenches

    I am not a huge user of my wrenches, but over the years the cheap wrenches I had (from those sets of tools that come with a little bit of everything) have not held up well. They also tend not to have all the sizes I've needed. This TEKTON set is great. I've used a few of the wrenches and found them strong and easy to use. The pouch is nice, and by lining up the holes I was able to roll it up and put in on a hook on my pegboard. This is a great set, especially for the price.

  • Max Rockbin - VERY BUGGY even with lastest (April 2014) patches. Screwed up larger font views for disability too

    WOW. Another year, another absurdly buggy version of QuickBooks. This reflects my own experience. Yours may very.