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  • Chuck and Amanda - Worth every penny!

    I could not be happier or more impressed. I had never purchased a high-quality pillow before. I was always too cheap to spend more than four dollars on my Walmart pillow. Little did I know the difference a pillow like this would make!!!! It is so cozy and so soft, I don't feel any neck discomfort or pain whatsoever and I can rest so peacefully and get a much deeper sleep! Pegasus Home Fashions went above him what I was expecting to get. I thought I was going to get an overpriced pillow... but this thing is worth every penny and I mean that!!!

  • Sherlock72 - best price

    I have a difficult time finding hair products that actually work without making my head itch. This is one of the beltway I have come across. It's not sticky and doesn't weigh down your hair. Another plus is that it is half the price of what retail stores charge!

  • Megan - Soft and Tangle Free Hair!!! Not For Everyone!

    From all of the negative reviews, I have noticed most of the people shared a similarity in that they either had straight and/or thin hair. From what I understand, thin hair damages quite easily so this particular product should not shoulder all of the blame. Also note, Organix is just the product name and is not guaranteeing that every ingredient is in fact organic, natural, etc. A lot of people seem to get the brand name and concept confused. So if you have straight and/or thin hair, I would advise you be cautious with this particular product. People with thin/straight hair have not had any problems with the other shampoos and conditioners in the line, just this particular one. NOTE: I know one reviewer stated that they changed ingredients but I still have my conditioner from a year or two ago and it still matches both the picture and the ingredient description listed.

  • Roni B - My Daughter Loves This Product

    This is for my granddaughter. My daughter loves this and being in another country has asked me to buy her more and ship them. However, I see that they will ship directly to her so that is what I'm doing. I hope she get's this fast.

  • college student - Book seems good but the pages are incredibly thin

    Book seems good but the pages are incredibly thin... seems like they cheaped out on that pretty hard this time around. My highlighter bleeds through on a lot of pages and it feels like its going to rip whenever I flip the page. That being said this book is a must for med students.

  • Sarah - Great 2016 planner

    Great 2016 planner! The at-a-glance birthday section is really useful and helps me stay organized. I'll be buying another for 2017!

  • Priscila Ruelas - Amazing Product

    I was diagnosed with PCOS and we're not able to get pregnant for over 5 years. I decided to give pregnitude a try and after a month of taking the product I got pregnant! It has no taste and is very affordable! I highly recommend it to anyone that is TTC